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Published on 7 April 2021 at 19:18

Well the book is complete, printed, and now - finally officially published with a general release date of the 15 April. in many ways it has been a rollercoaster of experience and emotions, but there is still a certain amount of fear! I have used my savings to get this far, i'm now worried I won't at least recover that outlay (which will get me a proper shoeing from the wife).  Im worried that it won't sell, I have orders for 7 so far and have had to send off nearly as many to the various libraries required to cover legalities. Two have been posted to Canada, my brother and supporter will receive one for his help and also another brother from Ontario has bought one of the combination packages and therefore I have my first ever, official, international sale of the published book. 6 more sold over here and awaiting postage to arrive on the release date. BUT I am worried as hell that I won't sell enough to recover my costs - need about 75 sales minimum, and then of course, after that, all profit will be divided to present an opportunity to donate to the Masonic Charitable Foundation, it'd be embarrassing if after all this work I give a measly few quid instead of a good sum, I guess its time to hope it takes off and my efforts were fruitful. If everyone could share my details to help out and support that would be great, or if anyone has any ideas for marketing (I have only used social media so a=far due to costs) that too would be awesome....


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